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Carrera means passion, adventure and heroism in Spanish. In order to memorize the Mexico Carrera Pan Americana, Tag Heuer decided to introduce a brand-new model of watch for it. In 1962, Jack Heuer began to produce a model of wrist watches for the racing drivers. Being a fan of car-racing, he understood what the drivers need in the race. He designed a watch which was featured with large-sized index dial and water-proof and shock resisting functions. Since then, Tag Heuer Carrera was brought to the public.
Now replica Tag Heuer Carrera watches are available in replica stores. Replica Tag Heuer watches collection includes several new models that pay homage to the original 1964 Carrera design and features the TAG Heuer Calibre RS movement. All models host a Cotes de Geneve screw and polished beveled edges complimented by curved, faceted horns on both case sides, a curved, sapphire crystal with double antireflective treatment and a double sapphire crystal caseback.
In the current stage, a designer watch is used not just for counting time, but showing off ones incomparable fashion taste. However, a designer Tag Heuer Carrera watch is so expensive that quite a few fashion lovers have to quit their fashion dream. Today, since replica Tag Heuer Carrera watches have arrived, we can turn to these replicas. The replica Tag Heuer Carrera watch has round pusher buttons and fluted watch crown. It is water resistance to 50 meters. The brown perforated leather strap makes this replica Tag Heuer Carrera watch more perfect.
Since the quality and design of replica Tag Heuer Carrera watches are almost identical to the authentic, this replica watch serves as the ideal option for motor racing enthusiasts around the globe. If you are a sport fan, you might as well choose replica Tag Heuer Carrera watches. They can also tell you the story of classics.